Rev. Arturo Corral, Pastor


Reading 1-WIS 7:7-11, Responsorial Psalm-PS 90:12-13, 14-15, 16-17, Reading 2- HEB 4:12-13, Gospel-MK 10:17-30

It’s incredible how quickly we are able to judge. If during a party we are introduced to one of the guests for the first time, surely in a matter of seconds, we will make a judgment saying: “I like this person, or I do not like this person”. We value people according to the experiences we have in life; according to the fears that we have since childhood; to the insecurities that we carry due to the changes in life, to the joy and beauty that life itself has given us and everything together we project it as an amplifying beam to the people we meet.

Something like that happened in today’s Gospel. Jesus met a young man whom he judged in a matter of seconds, concluding: “I like this young man very much. I am going to invite him to be part of my group”. The biblical text describes him as a rich young man who approached Jesus and asked him: “What must I do to go to heaven and be always close to God?” This young man had fulfilled the whole law: he did not kill, he did not steal, he committed adultery, he did not speak ill of others, and he honored his father and his mother. “Jesus answered:” Only one thing you lack: Go and sell what you have, give the money to the poor and you will have a treasure in the heavens. Then come and follow me. “But when he heard these words, the young man became sad and left feeling sorry, because he had many assets. Jesus looking around said his disciples “How difficult it will be for the rich to enter the kingdom of God!”

How can we know if a person is a good Christian, a bad Christian or a second-class Christian? A good Christian is the one who knows how to live life happily. When the young man had to decide between Jesus or money, he lost the joy and enthusiasm to follow him. The degree of joy we experience is the rule to measure our trust in God. But this joy should not be confused with smiling at every moment, nor does it eliminate the crosses of each day. Jesus offers happiness to the heart beyond money, health and family. The money is not bad; money is necessary, but it is important to give it its proper place. It is important for us to put Jesus at the center of all decisions. Jesus is the center of everything I have and everything I do. To be a Christian of the first class is to live the unique and rich happiness of feeling loved by Christ.

That is why this Sunday we asked the Lord Jesus to see us with loving eyes as he did with the rich young man and discover that we are looking for him and we need him with all our heart. Lord invite me to follow you, remove the fear of leaving what prevents me from reaching you and give me the joy to be your witness.


Rev. Arturo Corral, Pastor

Rev. Roberto Raygoza, Associate Pastor

Rev. Heriberto Serrano, Associate Pastor


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